Loyalty Solutions becomes Nobscot!

Finally! The die is cast! We have decided on a new name for Loyalty Solutions!


For years, Loyalty Solutions has specialised in developing tailor-made loyalty programs with contemporary and innovative products of the highest quality. Retailers all over Europe enjoyed attractive benefits and full service; everything was delivered ready to go. In addition, they could always count on 100% return rights. This made Loyalty Solutions the ideal partner, and it still is.


The name Loyalty Solutions was somewhat obvious and immediately stated what the company was all about: loyalty programs. Loyalty programs are campaigns designed to change consumer behaviour. On the one hand, new customers are lured into the shop; on the other, loyal customers are rewarded for their loyalty. During such a campaign, consumers can collect stamps when they shop in one of the participating stores. Once they have collected enough stamps, they receive a reward in return. Different engaging campaigns follow one another and thus make loyal customers even more loyal.

We live in a rapidly-changing society where it is not always obvious for a company to keep up. Luckily, attention to innovation and our flexibility allowed us to evolve. We currently offer much more than just loyalty programs, so the flag no longer covers the cargo. We were forced to look for another, all-encompassing and international name.


We consulted a specialist who was able to get to the bottom of our story. Thanks to the creative minds of Like A Virgin, we came up with a new name for Loyalty Solutions. As of 1 September 2021, Loyalty Solutions will be known as Nobscot. Where does Nobscot come from? You can read that on our website!

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