Tailor-made loyalty programs


We specialise in the development of tailor-made loyalty programs with contemporary and innovative products of the highest quality. Retailers all over Europe enjoy attractive benefits and full service; everything is delivered ready to go. The retailer has no worries and can also count on 100% return rights, making Nobscot the ideal partner.


Loyalty programs are campaigns designed to change consumer behaviour. On the one hand, new customers are lured into the shop; on the other, loyal customers are rewarded for their loyalty. During such a campaign, consumers can collect stamps when they shop in one of the participating stores. Once they have collected enough stamps, they receive a reward in return. Different engaging campaigns follow one another and thus make loyal customers even more loyal.


We are always on the lookout for attractive, contemporary, innovative, but also very useful items. We work closely with brands of impeccable reputation. Here you can see some of our latest collections:

S&P Home Deco

Salt & Pepper brings warmth and colour into the home. Enjoy an elegant and special atmosphere thanks to the right interior design. Combine items and create a stylish look.

Brabantia Idea

Durability is guaranteed with the pots and pans of the Idea collection. These items are equipped with some useful features that will make your life easier.

Brabantia Santiago

The Santiago collection consists of a timeless series of cast-iron pots. With these pots, you can keep your food warm for longer and enjoy optimum flavour.

Sabatier Eterno

Functionality at its best with the Eterno collection! The cast-iron pots guarantee even cooking, optimum flavour and keep every culinary preparation warm for longer.


The Onu collection offers affordable multimedia for young and old, with hip and trendy design and equipped with the latest features.

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